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Leading Security and Encryption
We use the most powerful SSL encryption techniques available to protect your information. We store all account information on a separate back server that is not connected to the internet. It is linked in a one-way interface to a front server, connected to the internet. We encrypt all information while it is in transit. This system places your information immediately outside of the web and is not available to any curious onlookers. 

AuthenticationVerisign Logo
SSL-3 requires certificates, which are digital identifiers certified by a chain of legal authorities. A certificate authority will check all information to ensure that there is a match. 

Password Protection
Your personal information is password protected. We do not share passwords with anyone. W
e caution you to choose a password that is difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember. As an extra precaution, close the browser window after completing a session and make sure to sign out.




Secure In-Line Payment Solutions
Atos Worldline has provided Internet payment solutions for more than ten years and is constantly upgrading its online payment platform. Atos Worldline offers its 13,000 SIPS-equipped clients an ever-growing range of payment options while guaranteeing optimal security, ergonomics and speed.

Because growth in Internet sales is closely linked to the variety and reliability of payment options available to online shoppers, Atos Worldline has recently included PayPal in its SIPS platform. This gives e-merchants the possibility of offering PayPal alongside private label cards, credit cards, online credit, traditional payment cards and other solutions.
Business Challenges
  • Support the growth of online shopping in France and Europe
  • Provide e-merchants and their customers with simple, reliable and highly secure online payment solutions
  • Security and validation solutions for different means of payments (bank cards, credit cards, private cards, cheques, etc)
  • Proven techniques of cryptography guaranteeing a high level of security
    • Compliance with national and international regulations PCI DSS
    • 24 hour a day surveillance
    • 3D secure authentication
  • Anti-fraud tools : ID card, liabilities...
    • Personalized payment pages
    • Payment in installment, upon delivery of service
    • Refunds and cancellation, etc.
  • France’s No. 1 e-payment solution with over 14,000 e-merchants using our services
  • Clients: Banks – Retailers – Telecoms – E-Companies
  • Over 100 million transactions per year